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Focus mitts are an essential piece training equipment for any boxer, Muay Thai kick boxer or MMA fighter. They are very powerful tools for boxing instructors and trainers that help improve punching accuracy and techniques to help progress any trainee.

Punch bags are an essential part of boxing equipment just like focus mitts. This difference is Punch bags are exceptional for when training alone. They allow a fighter to work on technique, power and speed relying on one but them self. Training alone however, does have its downsides.Training alone can mean there is no one to push you and enhance your training that little bit further by providing additional pressure and focus. It doesn’t make punch bags any less valuable to a fighter, it just means punch bags and focus mitts were developed for different types of training. Boxing focus mitts enable the hitter to move with their training partner simulating a real fight. The trainer can swing and hit the trainee forcing them to duck, side side step or block encouraging an increase in technique in defense as well as punching speed and power.

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